This Sunday at New Hope

Sunday, June 25 Pastor Paul and the Missions Ministry Team returns from Haiti.  Paul will begin a Summer Sermon Series entitled “Discipleship”.  The first message in the series this Sunday is based on Matthew 10:24-39.  As we seek to become faithful disciples of Jesus, Jesus’ instructions here in Matthew are meant to keep God in the forefront of our hearts. Aided by God’s Spirit, we are to witness and not to be frightened. Whatever the cost to reaching maturity in our discipleship, God is ultimately underwriting it all.

We encourage you to not miss a Sunday in this series so that you might enrich your faith and grow in spiritual maturity.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church!

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June Haiti Mission Trip Updates

Update 6/21/2017:

Bonswah New Hope!

It is Wednesday evening and we have arrived at My Father’s House where we are staying for the evening.
Alene, Lee Ann, and I attended the Memorial Service for Ben Thalan, the 11 year old son of Jean-Franciis and Lola Thalan, who drowned this past Saturday. This is an experience I wished hadn’t happened. I cannot imagine the pain and depth of despair that they must be enduring. It was a very moving service and the multi-purpose building at Exode Secondary School was filled with people from that community. This was a tremendous testimony to the impact this family has made. Please continue to pray for this family and community.
Monday and Tuesday we continued our work in Gris-Gris. We have them well on their way with the construction of trusses for the roof. Pastor Kemson has several men who are helping and we were able to teach them how to put them together. It is a slow process and is only one part of what is needed to complete the roof. Supplies are hard to find and it is difficult to get them to the location of the church. They will need additional funding to complete the roof. Hopefully other groups will be going in the next few months to help. Pastor Evetual was not ready to begin his work until Tuesday due to having the wedding there on Saturday. So we were not able to help in Marche Kabrit this time.
We saw all the pastors except for Joab this trip. All of them send their love and thanks for the wonderful support and encouragement from their brothers and sisters at New Hope.
We are scheduled to depart tomorrow at 12:07 pm and to arrive in Nashville at 9:00 pm. Thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for our safe return home.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Paul


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Pastor Paul’s Ponderings

Sometimes I wonder if most Christians have become satisfied with being nothing more than Sunday morning gatherers (or whatever day and time we meet). We get together at the same time and place each week. We sit in the same place with the same people. We take part in the same weekly ritual. We speak to those who join us any given Sunday and then we leave to go back to our everyday lives. (more…)

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