Author: Robert Haynes

This Sunday at New Hope

Sunday, February 24, 2019 Scripture – Psalm 37:1-11,39-40 Message – “Focus!” Doesn’t it just make you furious when people who are corrupt and evil prosper and enjoy great success in life? It just isn’t fair is it?  Maybe it even gets to the point that you sometimes consider throwing away your faith and just doing whatever you have to do to be successful.  Do you feel this way sometimes?  We all do, if we are honest. The psalmist understood this feeling very well and had some significant advice for those who have become focused on the success of evil people. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at New Hope Church!

A Road for Lexi, Haiti

We are working to build a road to the isolated community of Lexi in the mountainous southern peninsula of Haiti. Travel to or from Lexi is limited to walking, horseback, or off-road motorcycle. This significantly limits their access to healthcare, markets for food and other supplies, water supply, materials needed for construction, and many other basic needs.

Inclement Weather Policy

New Hope Church is usually open on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings for worship.  The exception would be if the pastor or church session makes the determination not to hold services due to dangerous or adverse weather conditions or other unusual situation.