Author: Robert Haynes

This Sunday at New Hope

Sunday, August 12 – Sermon Series “Discipleship” Scripture – Ephesians 4:25-5:2 Message – “Discipleship 101” The heart of the Apostle Paul’s theology is what is know as justification by faith. This simply means that Paul believed and taught that salvation came through faith in Jesus Christ and nothing else.  A person’s salvation is not the result of works or following the Law of Moses – it is a free gift of grace given as a result of faith.  But Paul’s theology doesn’t end there.  He was adamant about the “new life” a person entered through that act of faith.  That “new life” is now as a disciple of Jesus.  The best way to explain that “new life” is to describe it.  Join us for Discipleship 101 as we discover what this “new life” looks like. There are mighty things happening at your church every Sunday …Come and See!  – Pastor...

CPW Kroger Rewards!

 If you have a Kroger Card, you just use it when you check out like you always do and that’s all it takes for us to get the rewards – AFTER you are signed up for program. The information to sign up is on the Welcome Center in the Welcome Area.