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This Sunday at New Hope

Sunday, October 21 Scripture – Mark 10:35-45 Message – “Saved to Serve” Does any remember full service gas stations? You pulled up to the pump and rolled down your window.  An attendant would come and ask what you needed.  They would pump your gas, check your oil and other fluids, check the air pressure in your tires, wash your windshield, and at some stations even get you a snack or drink.  The attendant would take your payment and go inside to get the change due and bring it back to you.  All of this happened without you having to get out of the car.  I miss being waited on like that.  It sure feels good to have somebody serving me.  Now imagine how good it makes other people feel when we serve them as Jesus instructed us to do.  In an “it’s all about me” culture, we need this reminder...

Pastor Paul’s Ponderings – Worship in the Park Blessings!

Hello New Hope! You ever heard of a “good tired”?  Well that is what I had by the time I got home Sunday (and I’m sure many of you did as well).  I was totally exhausted but my heart was overflowing!  On a day when it would have been easy to say, “Let’s cancel and just have everything where we usually do”, you stepped out in great faith and with tremendous enthusiasm. 

C.P.W. Meeting Reminder

Sunday, November 4 at 5:00 in the church office meeting room. We would love to have ladies try this out that are not currently attending CPW meetings.  All ladies of the church are technically part of CPW, it’s just a matter of if you are active or not, so let’s get more of us interacting together at CPW. Small groups are THE heart of the church.  It’s a lot of fun and you get to learn about someone else and you may get to meet more people! We look forward to seeing you Sunday night!!

The Wilson County Community Help Center

Good morning New Hope! Anita Drew has informed me that the food pantry at Wilson County Community Help Center is in need of some specific donations.  They need canned fruit, canned soup, and pork-n-beans.  If you are shopping today or tomorrow go ahead and pick up some of these items and bring them with you Sunday.

“Faith Looks Like This!” Sermon Series

“Faith Looks Like This!” Sermon Series

Faith Looks Like This! A 5-Part Sermon Series from the book of James Foundational Scripture – James 1:22-25 Hello New Hope! Here is some information about the sermon series that will begin this Sunday and continue through September.  If you happen to miss a Sunday, remember you can listen to the messages by going to the church website.