Pastor Paul’s Upcoming Messages for October

Here are Pastor Paul’s message plans for the month of October.  We are continuing to follow Matthew’s account of Jesus’ life and teaching.  Join us and see if you don’t receive a blessing from your presence here and maybe even learn something useful about being a follower of Jesus.


Sunday, October 1

Scripture – Matthew 20:1-16

Message – That’s Not Fair!

Shirley grew up in the church and accepted Jesus as her Savior at a very early age.  She spent her entire life attending worship and volunteering in numerous ministries over the years.  Along the way she noticed others who would come to church and make decisions to follow Jesus.  Some were teens, others were young adults, some were middle age adults, and still others were senior citizens.  She would often think, “What a shame they didn’t give their lives to Jesus as a child as I did.”  One day, when she was well advanced in years, the pastor was offering thanks for and praising those who had been a part of the ministry of that church over the years.  He made no mention of how long anyone had been a Christian or a member of the church.  He didn’t indicate that some, like Shirley, had been there much longer and done much more than many of the others.  This really bothered her and so after the service she stopped at the door and told the pastor, “What you did today was not fair!  Some of us have done so much more than others and yet you treated us all the same!”  The pastor responded, “Shirley, I am so sorry you feel that way.  Please go home and read Matthew 20:1-16 and then next week we can have a conversation about how you feel.”


Sunday, October 8

Scripture – Matthew 21:33-46

Message – Broken or Crushed?

Jesus is often referred to as the “rock of our salvation”.  There is no greater or more powerful rock than Jesus!  Your decision whether or not to accept Jesus as your “rock” will determine whether you will be broken or crushed.  Being broken is a good thing when it means or own selfish and often destructive wills or what is broken. After you are broken you are then made whole or complete. Being crushed is never a good thing!  This is a permanent state of separation from God because a personal decision to reject the “rock”.  Will you be broken or crushed?


Sunday, October 15

Scripture – Matthew 22:1-14

Message – Dressed for a Wedding

Church weddings are quite often formal affairs and are intended to be approached by those participating as a worship service.  Sometimes even the way those invited are expected to dress for the occasion is included in the wedding invitation.  Hopefully you would never choose to show up for a wedding you’ve been invited to dressed inappropriately.  Jesus uses the example of a wedding banquet on several occasions to talk about what the kingdom of heaven is like.  We are all invited to this wedding banquet, but there is a dress code for those who are to be allowed in.  To enter the banquet each person must be clothed with the saving grace of Jesus.


Sunday, October 22

Scripture – Matthew 22:15-22

Message – Currency

We live in a culture that is intently focused on money!  It is estimated that on average 75% of our lives are spent obtaining, spending, and managing money.  On our money are images of the government under which we live and which determines in many ways how we can use that money.  Also on our money is the phrase “In God We Trust”.  This seems to be calling us to divide our loyalties between God and money.  The Pharisees attempted to trap Jesus with this issue, but he was able to easily silence them.  Are we caught in this divided loyalty?  What is the currency we have placed out trust in?


Sunday, October 29

Scripture – Matthew 22:34-36

Message – Just Love!

In 1970 the music group Five Man Electrical Band released their song, Signs.  The chorus goes, Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.  Blockin out the scenery, breakin my mind.  Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?  Les Emmerson, the band member who wrote the song, says it was written after a road trip down Route 66 in California where so much of the beautiful scenery was blocked out by billboards.  This prompted him to ask, Who is allowed to put up signs that interfere with nature? and, Who gets to make the rules that appear on so many signs.  In many ways this song could be applied to religion – any religion.  We sometimes almost completely obscure the foundation of what Jesus was all about with all our do’s and don’ts.