Pastor Paul’s Ponderings

Good Morning New Hope! Sunday, October 13th is our second annual Worship in the Park.  We have the main pavillion at Don Fox Park reserved for the day and will worship together there at 10 am.  Following our worship celebration we will enjoy a time of food and fellowship.

Kitchen Progress Update

If you haven’t had the chance to see the recent work on the kitchen remodel, we’ve provided photos for you! Be sure to go back have a look in the Fellowship Hall after Church Sunday to see the progress in-person.

Men’s Ministry Prayer Breakfast

The next regular monthly meeting of the New Hope Men’s Ministry is scheduled for Saturday, September 7, at 8:00 in the church kitchen. This Saturday we will briefly examine a powerful little note from the brother of James to a church or churches. Many often overlook the little New Testament note that Jude wrote. That’s really all it is, a note. Believers tend to focus on the bigger books in the New Testament Library. We go to the Gospels and Acts for the rich history and powerful stories which contain our Christian roots. We look toward Paul’s letters for church doctrine, or John’s writing for Christian love.  Jude, in his counseling to those who are enduring difficult periods shares four things they ought to do on their journey if they are to persevere the times. Join us to perhaps take something beneficial away from Jude as men of God.