Pastor Paul’s Ponderings

Happy hump day New Hope!

Less than one week from making known the need for $6000 to build Pastor Smith a home for his family and the goal has been reached! Donations from followers of Jesus at New Hope, from Alabama and from Iowa demonstrate the kindness and generosity of God’s children. The message I receive over and over again from those who give so generously is that the more they give the more they receive. Sounds almost biblical doesn’t it. You can still support the ministry in Haiti. There is a never ending list of real needs. We are currently working on a solar electrical system for the Lexi congregation and several of the churches are in need to complete construction on buildings for their churches/schools. I also have a young man who is interested in going on the work team in October but would need help with the expenses for the trip. This young man is not currently involved in church anywhere and this could be an opportunity for him to encounter Jesus in a very real way. Please let me know if you would like to help him make this trip. And as always, you can make your contributions to the Haiti ministry at any time. Contributions should be clearly marked for New Hope Missiins Fund.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Paul