Author: Sean Haynes

Kitchen Progress Update

If you haven’t had the chance to see the recent work on the kitchen remodel, we’ve provided photos for you! Be sure to go back have a look in the Fellowship Hall after Church Sunday to see the progress in-person.

Missed the Cantata?

The New Hope Choir presented their Christmas Cantata “The First Noel”, and we had a great turnout! If you missed it or just want to listen to it again, you can find it below:

June Haiti Mission Trip Updates

June Haiti Mission Trip Updates

Update 6/24/2017: Happy Saturday New Hope! We arrived home safely Thursday night after a very fulfilling 8 days in Haiti. We were able to see 5 of the 6 pastors, get a good start on trusses for the roof at Gris-Gris, establish some new connections with Ministry being done in another area of Haiti, and offer our love and support to Pastor Jean-Francois and Lola at the memorial service for their son.  I also took part in two Haitian weddings where I met many new people and made many new friends. Alene, Leeann, and I are very grateful for the tremendous support and the prayers of our New Hope family. I hope that others will consider joining us on a trip to Haiti. It is an experience that will change your life! I look forward to worshipping with my New Hope family tomorrow! Grace and peace, Pastor Paul