Author: Sean Haynes

Kitchen Progress Update

If you haven’t had the chance to see the recent work on the kitchen remodel, we’ve provided a photo for you! You can also click/tap on the image to view the full-sized version. Be sure to have a look back in the Fellowship Hall after Church Sunday to see the progress in-person.

Missed the Cantata?

The New Hope Choir presented their Christmas Cantata “The First Noel”, and we had a great turnout! If you missed it or just want to listen to it again, you can find it below:

June Haiti Mission Trip Updates

June Haiti Mission Trip Updates

Update 6/24/2017: Happy Saturday New Hope! We arrived home safely Thursday night after a very fulfilling 8 days in Haiti. We were able to see 5 of the 6 pastors, get a good start on trusses for the roof at Gris-Gris, establish some new connections with Ministry being done in another area of Haiti, and offer our love and support to Pastor Jean-Francois and Lola at the memorial service for their son.  I also took part in two Haitian weddings where I met many new people and made many new friends. Alene, Leeann, and I are very grateful for the tremendous support and the prayers of our New Hope family. I hope that others will consider joining us on a trip to Haiti. It is an experience that will change your life! I look forward to worshipping with my New Hope family tomorrow! Grace and peace, Pastor Paul