The Christian marriage is an institution that is thousands of years old.  A wedding ceremony is the outward, visible symbol of the marriage, and of the inward commitment and promise that is being made between two people, and between those two and God.  What better place than a House of God to make that commitment to each other, and to start lives together.

New Hope is a place of worship that has seen many couples begin their lives together over its 200 year history, and the Christian wedding ceremony is a worshipful event. A beautiful sanctuary with a long center aisle, gorgeous stained glass, and the ancient symbols of our faith surround you and will accentuate your ceremony. The sanctuary will seat around 200 guests comfortably.

For your reception celebration, New Hope has a nice fellowship hall and fully-equipped kitchen facility (we ask that there be no alcohol, please).  Music, sound, and pastoral assistance is available.  A wedding application is available at the link below:

New Hope Wedding Application

For more information, please call the church office at 615-449-7020.