Pastor Paul’s Haiti Trip

Good morning!

I wanted to share some information on my upcoming trip to Haiti and let you know how you can support me on this trip.  My travel dates have changed.  I will now be leaving Thursday, October 15 and returning Saturday, October 24.  I will be staying and working in DuFour at DuFour Cumberland Presbyterian Church where Joab St. Louis is pastor.  We will be working on trusses for a new roof.  You can support me on this trip by praying for me and the other team members.  I will share their names with you as soon as I have them.  You can help with travel expenses by making a donation to the New Hope Mission Fund. Or you can help with the expenses of ongoing projects in Haiti by making a donation to the New Hope Mission Fund.  Be sure to clearly mark your gift for travel expenses or projects.

Also, I will be taking some clothes for Pastor and Madame Smith Fauvelt’s son, Smitty.  We need boys clothes 18-24 months.  Remember this is a tropical climate so summer clothing is what is needed.  You can bring those to church the next two Sundays.

As always, I am very grateful for the tremendous support New Hope shows for our Haiti ministry and your support of my participation.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Paul